Thursday, May 8, 2014

Work in progress, a question, and a prize!

Working lately on half market aprons.  Here one that I think turned out so cute!  I just love this chili pepper fabric!

Since it is Spring, I wanted to use up the yellow fabric.  Here is another combination with the yellow:

I had used this gray fabric to make my DIL an allover apron some time ago, and had some remnants.  Also working on some other combinations:

but . . .
would like your opinion on this next one. It's a cute multicolor print of fancy birds on a white/cream background.  What do you think? What color do I put with it? Try not to be influenced by the blue quilt background :) Options are a pale green gingham, t a bright teal scroll print, light teal butterfly flower print, red/salmon texture print, or an allover tiny floral pale teal print.  Or should I keep looking?






Not so easy is it?  Sometimes the best combination for a particular fabric is hard to choose!   Let me know what you think in the comments and I will share some finished apron pictures next Thursday!  I might even send a set of coasters to one lucky commenter!
Good luck! 
And . . . Thanks!

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Memories for Life said...

These look great!
I really love B or D. I think the darker, more solid fabric works well with the busy, lighter base.