Abby's Story

I, Linda, have written a continuing story of  Abby in this blog. I got to a stopping point some time back. I am currently, 2014/2015 finishing the story as a book.  Watch for the release, it will be announce here on the blog.

Although the book will be somewhat different than the way it started, if you are interested in it's original beginnings:

It's about Abigail, my alter ego--my dream world, if you will.  I originally started writing about her last year in my other blog, but didn't finish. If you would like to follow along you can begin here . . . .

When I first thought of Abigail, I saw her sitting at a small round patio table covered with a romantic patchwork and lace table cloth. Abby sat there with the table set with a vase of flowers, one lone tea cup, it's saucer and a book. The book was mystery romance, where hours could be wiled away in the pursuit and anticipation of an answer. A huge oak tree branched out over the patio's grape arbor providing shade and coolness for the afternoon. A few short steps away, was Abby's kitchen garden, waiting for attention after the reading is over.
And the story begins . . .

Then you can follow along and watch for the book!