Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just for fun!

Sometimes I get bored and stuck, so for a little change of pace, I sit down with some creative "stuff" and try my hand at something different.  I did this some time back.  I never shared with you, I just kept all the "enjoying" to myself!  So I thought I would share a little of my creativity with you today!

Among all my supplies, I had a box of shipping labels, straight from the office supply store.  I knew they were in the drawer, but rarely used them.  I 'hauled' them out (not a heavy job, hee hee) and went to work with whatever else I found in the supply drawers.

glue . . .

dried flowers . . . .

magazine pictures . . . .

And came up with these . . . .

I was so addicted that day, that a made a few more . . . .

Although these are not "writing", they are creative and sometimes we all need a little break to change our perspective for our writing! 

What have you done lately,
Just for Fun? 

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Monday, January 9, 2012

La Nina!

This is not a supposed winter!
It should be wet and white and cold!

Dry gray skies with
Sunshine creeping thru my window.

La Nina, they say!
I say, come white stuff, COME!

Snow Shadows by NaturesNote 
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