Friday, September 25, 2015

Weekend Apron Special

My girls texted each other in a group text the other day (whatever happened to phone conversations?) about the family Thanksgiving plans.  Who would like to host?  In which town would we travel to?  Who needed accommodations, etc  Inside of a few minutes, all was decided and plans are made!  WOW! All I had to do was keep watching the texts flying! :)

Anyway, I thought of Thanksgiving and thought that I had better be proactive like my girls!  Sew . . .

I decided that I needed to offer aprons for all you cooks out there!  Sew . . . 

if you purchase any apron this weekend, thru September 28th actually, you will get free shipping! Yes . . . I will pay for your shipping!!  Yay!!!! (On a minimum purchase of $10)! (Just click on the picture link to get to my shop.)

Mother-Daughter set 
Oh  . . . . use coupon code Thread10 
to get the 

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Matching Coasters!

We are house and pet sitting for a friend, which involves some TV watching, since we need to stay close.  I always have my tea cup handy and my hubby likes to have ice water.  Our friends have matching recliners and end tables facing the TV, but much to my surprise, no coasters!  There was a folded paper towel on one end table, so I decided to make use of the huge sewing studio and using some of my fabric scraps, make them some -- matching their mostly blue decor, of course!

  What do you think?   

Monday, September 14, 2015

DIY Light Table

I will be house and pet sitting again this week and next, at the same place that we have been before. Remember . . . the house with a huge sewing studio!    Pet sitting for the birds, the cat and the little dog, Maya, who sits at the door of the studio and waits for me to go downstairs.

The last time I was there, I took some pictures of my friend's light table.  I forgot to post them, and thought some of you might like to see it!  The light table sits in the yarn section of her studio:

She loves the Latin flare and Toucans, so her studio is very colorful! I hope you can get the idea for the table and maybe build your own, if you have the room for it!  (This is not meant to be a tutorial, just something to inspire your own creativity!)

The light tables covers the top of a normal wood table, which my friend has covered with a Mexican blanket to match her decor!

The table itself is handmade, just a frame that holds the glass top and some risers to hold it up.

Underneath the glass sit two florescent light fixtures.

Here is a top down view.  You can see that she has a light above too.  She keeps tape rolls under the glass for handy use in securing her paper--she reproduces her own rug hooking patterns for sale.  Of course, those of you who use a light table for photos, you could get a frosted, less transparent glass top.

Hope this helps those of you who need a light table!!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another Crazy Quilting Stocking!

Working on some new Christmas stockings!  I did several last year of different types for my big Christmas Market show, but this year I am concentrating on Crazy quilted stockings!  Here's the one I am working on now:

Of course, I am not finished.  This is just the first stage--the patchwork and the embroidery.   Some of the bead work is done, but it needs more.  I love the pastel colors; different for Christmas!

I will share more when it is finally finished!  What do you think so far? 

Do you like pastels for Christmas 
or are you the traditional type?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New Project--Romantic Wrist Cuff

Seem to have had writer's block lately, so I have been filling in with creative projects.  The book will have to wait!  (Re-writes in progress.)  I needed some new items for my Etsy shops anyway, so here is one that I just completed and just listed!   A romantic wrist cuff.

I could use a young model!!  This cuff looks awful on my wrist--for picture that is!
 . . .ugh!
Even tho' I can't wear this one, I love making them!  I love the creativity!  And, just so you know, I do wear wrist cuffs.  I like a more simply styled cuff, and often wear one like this patchwork quilted one. It inspires my quilting work and reminds others of what I do!

Age shouldn't be a factor to pull them off, if you like them!   
Confidence and style is all that is needed!
Ever try wearing one?

Friday, September 4, 2015

Back to School!

Some of my grands went back to school this week and some are going next week, after Labor Day! My college age grand isn't reporting to her dorm until later in the month. My home-schooled grands are returning to the books next week!   Regardless of the day, it is the time for school to open!

School uniforms with attitude!

My favorite Etsy team, Blogging Business Artisans, has challenged us to "create a fun back to school project. It could be something fun to do with the kids, something for them to give their teacher or just one last fun thing to do with them before they return to school."

I played around with some scrap fabrics, and came up with some patchwork, quilted mini placemats. Sometimes they are called snack mats.  They are great for back to school.  Even great for teachers to keep handy for a quick lunch at the desk, or use for a child's special treat reward!  (I bet you would never believe my oldest grand has just gotten a teaching job, although she will not need snack mats for high schoolers :)

Available in my shop
 And . . .When the kids get home from their day at school they are usually hungry!!  Snacks are in order!

They are perfect for a glass of milk and cookies - - or healthier - - apple slices.  Crumbs can be dusted off and then the mats easily re-used, or tossed in the washer and dryer (all cotton) if they are soiled.  No ironing needed!

What can you come up with for back-to-school?  Visit our BBA team website and see what others have created! 

Happy Back-to-School!