Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Making of a Logo

I have been working on a new online shop to carry my art.  Realizing that I needed a logo, I have been doodling  . . . .  First I thought about using a textile logo, you know, warp and woof of fabric (in the middle section of this page . . . .

But, and since Abigail Jayne is the pseudonym for my art pieces, I thought that the logo should be the initials. I have had fun playing around with some concepts for the letters.

I think I have settled on  an embroidered set of initials, then a photograph that I will tweak with photo editing software.  Here's the embroidery in process:

Here is the photo, manipulated:

Sew . . . . not finished, nor decided on a final product for a logo yet, but having fun with it!!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Textile ART!

I know, I've left this blog for far too long . . . first there was the holiday season, then winter doldrums, now it's Spring! But I have been busy! And yes, I have sidelined my book in favor of another project.  And yes, I will finish my book, I want it finished and published by the end of the year--just taking it a little slower on the last few illustrations. When I have something to share, be sure, I will do it here on this little blog.

My current projects  involve a practical one and an artsy one.   For the practical one, you can read about it in my other blog from time to time. But this blog is for ART!  (and writing, of course!)

In the ensuing months, I have taken up my textile artistry with a passion. Playing with multi-layers to create texture and composition.

Exploring with texture!
I have several quilted art pieces that I am currently working on, by exploring fabric texture and simple stitching to create feelings about the vast universe around us.  Nature inspires me and at this point in time, I am enthralled with Spring.  Here are a couple of my current pieces, soon to be on sale in  a new Etsy shop exclusively carrying my Abigail Jayne art pieces.

My current series of nature inspired pieces starts with this one:

Emerging Foggy Spring
You can read about how it was created in this blog post. Then, inspired by longing for Spring, I created this one during the winter blues:
Spring Among the Blues

 And this one inspired by the first blossoms against a drab winter background:

Late Winter Blossoms
And this one, the second in my blossoms series:

Plum Blossoms in Blue
Hope you will stop by my shop and see what else I have been creating!  Have a great day with your own creating!

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