Friday, May 23, 2014

Thanks Commenters!

This week I have been exploring the ins and outs of blog commenters.  I love the comments that I got from many of you.  They make so much sense to me and encourage me.  I am going to re-publish a few of your comments here.  I hope that other bloggers draw hope from the comments!

Laurie's comment:
I have really noticed a downturn in comments on my blog over the last few years. I really believe it might have something to do with people doing a lot of reading on tablets and phones these days -- it's so much harder to comment on those devices. But I know what you mean; comments are so important, otherwise you think you might be talking to yourself!!

Linda said:
Besides the blogs I visit regularly, mostly fellow teammates, I don't comment very often. I've used many a blog post for it's recipe or tutorial and not commented, but I love the interaction from the fellow bloggers I follow. It's neat getting to know different lives all over the world this way, so I try to make pertinent comments.

Another Linda said:
I think having more readers than commenters is just the nature of blogging. Mine has always been the same way. It seems like the people who comment the most are other bloggers because they understand the work that goes into each post. If I share the post or pictures somewhere else (like Facebook), that's where I get the comments from non-bloggers. It's interesting!

Lizzie said:
I noticed I received more comments when I read more blogs and commented on them . I used to have a daily routine and going through my blog feed...but rarely have the time now.

Edi's comment:
I get the same thing with my blog...a lot more visitors than commenters.
I always wonder if part of it is web bots or spiders giving us false hits?

Thank you, all of my commenters (even if you didn't have your comment published here).  I appreciate your input.  To all of you--Happy Blogging!!!! 

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Splendid Little Stars said...

I always try to leave a comment after reading a post at least so the writer will know I read it.
That being said, occasionally I read blogs on my phone. Leaving a comment then can be so problematic. I intend to go back when on my computer, but sometimes I miss. A case in point is your pine branch post. I read that on my phone, but missed commenting.
I do see a drop off in comments. I think that may be because there are so many blogs to read these days.
I do love comments. I'm sure all bloggers do! (positive and supportive, of course!)