Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Photo Summary Part 2

Well, we were up to May, weren't we?!  (Previous post here)  May was packed with fun in Puerto Vallarta, and a big disappointment that led to our moving.

May continued . . .

Beautiful blossoms . . . 

 . . .and my view from my apartment deck . . . before . . .

. . .  more than 20 trees were cut down!

Needless to say . . . I was livid!  Gave my thirty day notice! Found a new home---fast!

June - Not all was a disappointment . . . a new home, with lots of space for my new studio with lots of high windows for light!

Storage and a built-in desk . . .

with room for my desk trinkets!

More storage, trinkets and my books!

And best of all, hubby raised my cutting table to the correct height and so I could have lots of fabric storage underneath!

I realize it may look a bit cluttered but everything has its place and I have plenty of work area!  Yay!

Now for some projects--Next post!!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Photo Summary Part 1

Much has happened over the last few months, including a move to a new home! (Stay tuned to see my new studio!  Yay!)

A quick photo summary before I get back into the creativeness:

February trip to babysit this crazy crew of grands


New project!  Inchies!  (More in a later post)


Trip to the 'Old home place' with oldest daughter

May - Trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

New cuff

Textile art!

Well, that's the first part, Part 2 -- next post!  
Click on my handiwork if you want to see a bit more!

Thanks for visitin'!