Thursday, May 28, 2015

turtles, peanuts and the jay

Almost wordless, and not nearly Wednesday . . . but Thursday . . . Oh well!  Enjoy!
Turtle bowl with peanuts

Wary visitor to turtle country

hmmm . . . . .

"don't mind if I do . . ."

" . . . Thanks!"

Thursday, May 21, 2015

New Quilt Blocks

Remember last week when I cleaned and straightened my fabric shelves?  Since my shelves were color organized, it inspired me to do a new quilt--thread spools!  Perfect for a sewer like me!

Here are the blocks that I have finished this week.To be honest, I saw something like this in a catalog, I didn't like the way it was symmetrical, so  I made my own pattern.  I am very partial to crazy quilting and scrap quilting, and this pattern lends itself very well, looking like the thread wrapped around the spools!

I used scraps and small pieces from my stash. Sewed the strips together in random order, until I could get approximately the right size,

then I added the white side pieces, cut off the excess and added the spool top and bottom pieces,  

I am very pleased with my blocks thus far--will share further, when I get them all arranged in the quilt top.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sorting and cleaning . . .

Ever have your studio/craft room feel like it is "falling in on you"?  Mine had become unruly and felt like that since my storage is 'up to the ceiling'---literally!   My fabric storage is in crates on top of my tall dressers.  I have little space in my apartment so I  utilize the space from the top of the dressers nearly to the ceiling. Everything was in disarray, so I cleaned and sorted everything and look at it now! (don't look at my messy bulletin board--I didn't clean it!)

 . . . . and while I was sorting colors, I was inspired to make a new quilt! Show you that later in the week!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Scheduled Craft Day!

I may have shown this picture before, because I was showing off a quilt/blanket that I made for my 27th grandchild about a year ago.  But this time, I want you to see my friend, Ritha!  She is helping me hold up the quilt for the photo.

My friend, Ritha, called me the other day to ask for a craft date!  She was scheduling her vacation days and asked me--yes, I said ME!--to spend two days crafting with her!  WOW!  I was flattered, and immediately said "Yes!" So looking forward to my June date!

Oh . . .  and here is a current picture of my granddaughter, Emmie (that quilt is hers!)

Have a great day!

Monday, May 11, 2015

T-Shirt Makeover and Give-Away!

Enter to win this restyled T-Shirt!  
(But first, let me tell you how to make one like it!)

I needed something to get me creating again, after a long crafty layoff, while I did some writing.  So what did I do?  I googled "T-Shirt Makeovers".  Looked at several styles, but finally decided on a tank top style with a front vest attached that basically looked like this:

(Stay with me to see how to enter & possibly win, this re-styled T-Shirt----finished t-shirt picture at the end of the post.)

The style I chose did not have any instructions, just a picture, so I decided to write instructions myself while I made one!  This shirt will be will be given away on June 1st.  Enter below.

Instructions for the tank shirt with a front-only vest:

You will need a sold color t-shirt (not a tank top) and a scarf (at least one yard square.)
I used a new XL solid blue T-Shirt and a scarf that I had stashed away in my closet.

scarf and blue t-shirt

I cut off the rib knit neckline, scooping out the front neckline lower to suit myself, and made the tank style by also cutting off the sleeves. (Save the sleeves--you will need them later.)

Next, cut the shirt up the side seams to the bottom of the armhole.  Leave the shoulder seams intact.

The scarf that I chose was square, so I cut it down the middle to make to separate rectangle pieces to fashion left and right front vest pieces.  I then cut the rectangles using the front bodice piece as a pattern, cutting accordingly, allowing for seam allowances on all sides.

The pattern I chose, did not have the vest top extending all the way up to the top seam, but was a little lower for a fashion characteristic.  (This is optional.)  

Next, rolled hems were sewn to the bottom and center front seams of the vest pieces, as these hang free.  If you need to see this, click on the picture and enlarge to see the seam.)  Next, I pinned the two vest pieces to the bodice front, centering the two pieces on the scooped neck at the center . . .

and then I folded under the top edge of the vest pieces and sewed them down to the bodice, as shown, with a double seam about 1/4 inch apart.  Do not sew down the neck seam yet but do sew up the side seams creating closed armholes. There will be three layers of fabric, front and back shirt pieces with the vest material in-between.

Before finishing the neck and armholes you will need small facing pieces. Use the discarded sleeves to cut 3/4 inch wide facing pieces.  Cut up the
length of the raw cut side as shown.
Cut several pieces and stitch them together longways with a scant 1/4 inch seam to create a long bias binding.  Create the facing by sewing the bias binding down.  Start at the back of the neck, working around to the front and back with right sides together.  Use a a straight stitch.  Then  turn the facing toward the inside and stitch down with a zigzag stitch.  (Knit fabric will not fray.) Do the same with the armholes.

Add a flower rosette made from the shirt scraps and attach to the center front. 

My finished t-shirt will be given away by random drawing on the June 1st.  To enter, just follow this blog and leave a comment telling me that you are a follower.  (If you are already a follower, please just leave a comment reminding me that you already follow this blog.)  Extra entries are possible if you share by any social media post, leaving a separate comment with the link, one comment for each post, i.e. twitter, FB, blog entry.  One comment equals one entry. Good luck!  

 Don't forget to follow and comment! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Creativity for Rapunzel/Tangled Party!

I have a repeat customer that has asked me to make party decorations and favors for her daughter's Rapunzel/Tangled birthday party!  Fun theme!  Here are my offerings:

Long braid decoration hung in my house as illustration only

Party favor bags (satchels)

Braid hair clip decoration
This was a special order, but I can make more, contact me!

And here are a few other ideas from my fellow Etsy sellers:

Invites from DoodleGardenDesigns

Party favors by GirlzNGlitter

And this cake idea from

free PDF Download instructions here

Should be a fun party!!

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