Saturday, January 31, 2015

Alterations! No CQ!

This week, I cannot show you the progress on my crazy quilting class project, because there wasn't any!  I have spent the week altering my granddaughter's wedding dress!  She bought a pricey gown that was a little too tight in the bodice, and she wanted the train to bustle.  It was going to cost her "an arm and a leg" to use her words, to have it altered where she bought it, so she asked grandma! It is my wedding gift to her.

I had to remove the zipper (well, actually I cut it down keeping the part below the waist.)  I added a ribbon lace up closure.  Thought you might like a sneak peek:

The wedding is today, so I will post a few pics next week of her in the gown! See you next week!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Gathering Supplies for CQ project

Gathering supplies for the project! 
Sequins, floss, seed beads, pearl beads, venice lace, charms!  
Time to get going! 

P.S. Last post, I showed how I pieced this block.  You might want to start there. (go to previous post.) :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Crazy Quilting Class

Spending most of my time writing these days--a novel.  I get into it fully and needing to take some time away, (and closing a couple of my online shops), I have decided to take a crazy quilting class.  I know, I have done crazy quilting before, but I have never taken any lessons.  So I am now!

We picked fabrics.  The class list asked for pastels or neutrals.  I originally had a different idea in mind from the instructor's idea and picked one fabric with a tiny heart pattern.  I matched other pale fabrics to the little heart colors.

The instructor wanted me to drop the heart fabric. I didn't want to and played around with the fabrics I chose.  But when I put them together, they didn't look right.  I eventually threw out the beige and the tiny heart fabric, substituted another pink fabric to the mix and voila!

Block is pieced and ready to embroider and embellish.  Stay tuned to future episodes and progress!

What are you working on?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Teaching the Kids Craft Skills

Teaching the kids or are they teaching us?

Two of my grand girls came to visit last week.  Ada is 4 yrs old and Bella is 6.  We made a blanket last time that they were here, so this visit, they wanted to sew again.  Bella wanted to embroider.  She did rather well and made a little art hoop for her mom.  Ada had more trouble with the embroidery project.  I helped her do a few stitches, but she got flustered and wanted to add buttons to her hoop.  I have tons of buttons, so I brought out several containers and let her have at it!  I figured that she would try to sew them on, but she asked for glue.   I figured the buttons wouldn't stick to the fabric, but I said, "What the heck, why not?"  I got her a glue stick and she was as happy as a clam for at least an hour.  When she was finished, she gave her project to grandpa who mounted it on the top of his desk.  Every time I see it, I smile, it's so sweet.
What do you think?