Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day!

Did you make a pie from your garden bounty?  That's something to be thankful for.

Were you the one chosen to carve the bacon laden turkey?  That's a privilege!

Do you have plenty to eat today?  You are blessed!

Hope you are thankful and are enjoying your day! 

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Brink of Thanksgiving and a winner!

Well, looks like we have a winner for the child's tote bag! The winner is . . . .

Sharla of beadedTail 
Congrats Sharla, the tote bag will be in the mail later today--on it's way to your house! 

If you missed this one, and many of you did, because Sharla was the only entrant, come back next Monday for the last November giveaway.  Enter for your chance to win!

On . . . and . . . safe travels to all of you "going to grandmother's house" for the holiday! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another FLASH giveaway and a winner!

With all the holiday madness, I am behind a day!  
Time for another FLASH giveaway!  But first, 
we have a winner to announce!

winner of the child's Gift Basket giveaway (Post of November 9th) . . . . .
         the Winner is . . . . 

Poetry, if you will email me with your address the gift basket can be on it's way to your house!

Thanks, everyone, for entering!  

Now for the flash giveaway:

Little boy's 'Racing Tote Bag'

You have 24 hours --- Until 11 AM PST Wednesday ---  to leave a comment saying where you heard about this giveaway for your chance to win!  You can get one extra entry if you share the giveaway!  Please come back and leave a second comment with your URL share.  Thanks!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cheese? Please . . . .

Really? You've tied me up here!

Me some, me some! Please . . . 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Another winner!

The post from yesterday's Flash Giveaway has a winner!  This lovely basket of goodies goes to . . . .

Renee Wilson of NouveauNiche

contact me, Renee, with your address, a cute little gift basket is waiting to be shipped to your house!  

Monday's are giveaway days 
Additional giveaways in November . . . .

You still have time to enter the Child's Gift Basket giveaway in the November 9th post, enter here.  And there will be one more Flash Giveaway on the 23rd. (24 hours ONLY entry period--mark your calendar!) Although not planned for, there may also be a giveaway on November 30th, watch out for that possible Flash Giveaway! (just depends on how busy I am for the holiday weekend!)

Have a great week!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Another 24 hour Flash Giveaway!

Well, the November giveaways are well underway with two already awarded to winners and two more to come!  Last Monday's Child Gift Basket is still open to entries thru next Monday the 23rd.

Now for today -- a new Flash giveaway!  You have 24 hours to leave a comment on this post to enter!

Contents of the basket are:

Triple YoYo Hair clip
Elastic Hair band
Circle/Button Fabric Hair pin
Set of two zipper pouches

You have 24 hours --- Until 1 PM PST Tuesday ---  to leave a comment saying where you heard about this giveaway for your chance to win!  You can get one extra entry if you share the giveaway!  Please come back and leave a second comment with your URL share.  Thanks!

Don't Forget! 
Enter last Monday's Child's Basket giveaway here
 Good luck! 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Christmas Bazaars on the way . . .

See you soon at the New Hope Marketplace and St. Anthony's Bazarr!  ~  Watch my facebook page!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November Gift Basket Giveaway Winner!

and the Winner is . . . . 

winner of the Autumn Gift Basket giveaway is . . . . .

package will be on its way  to Edi's house today!

Thanks for entering everyone!  
Monday's are giveaway days in November!  Enter often!

Yesterday, a new basket was put up for giveaway ~ check out the post here and enter!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Child's Gift Basket Give-a-way!

Today is the last day to enter the October 26th post for the autumn gift basket. (even tho the Rafflecopter insert says it's over--sorry I got my dates mixed up!) Winner will be chosen this evening at 9 PM and announced on this blog tomorrow.  If you haven't done it yet, there is still time!

In the meantime, enter this giveaway!  I am posting giveaways every Monday thru Thanksgiving!  My way of celebrating GIVING - thanks!!!  I am so thankful for all my readers and customers, this is my way of giving back!  So enter often and you might win!

This week I'm giving away a Child Gift Basket!

there's a 'Lady Bug and Bow' YoYo hair clip,

Also, a colorful iguana print Crayon Roll-up with crayons, and a rag quilted Doll Quilt / Cuddle Blanket, 18" by 15"! (doll blanket may need to be fluffed in a dryer when the winner receives it, it has been rolled up in the gift basket for a while!) All this is in a cute recycled red basket!  Pretty great, uh?  Value of this gift basket is $35.  The winner will be well on their way to gift giving for this holiday!  So enter now!

Enter to Win!

1 entry:: Leave a comment here in this post! What will you do with the gift basket if you win?
2 extra entries:: Follow Abigail Jayne Art  on Facebook or @thepinkgrammy on Twitter !  Make sure you let me know that you are following with separate comments here to record your follow.

Optional extra entry:: My blog followers get a third entry! If you follow here just let me know by making a separate comment to record that entry.
Extra special optional entry:: Help spread the word!! Use your own facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, blog, etc...  to share the giveaway.  Come back and comment here with the link. 

Sorry this giveaway is only offered in the USA. 

Make several entries! Enter now through Monday, November 23rd. The winner will be chosen by random drawing and will be announced on my Tuesday November 24th blog post!

* NOTE * If you're a "non reply" or anonymous commenter, please include your email address in your comment so that I can contact you if you win!

Thanks to all who enter the Giveaway!  

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Scrap Use

Recently I purchased a bag full of fabric at Goodwill.  Lots of cottons in various sizes, mostly 1/2 yard cuts and larger.  But, one stack was a grouping of pre-cut squares and rectangles, about two dozen of them.  Squares were approximately 10 inches and rectangles were about 4 by 8 inches.  What to do with them???

I let them sit for a couple of weeks, then I got an idea.  There were several batman pieces and two ninja turtle pieces.  I decided that they would make great snack mats for little boys!  Sew . . . here's what I did with some of them:

Aren't they fun!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

And the winner is . . .

winner of the Flash Giveaway is . . . . .

Natasha of Stalking the Wild Snark
contact me, Natasha, with your address, two coffee sleeves and a set of coasters are waiting to be shipped to your house!  

Thanks for entering everyone!  
Monday's are giveaway days in November!  Enter often!

Still time to enter to win the Autumn Gift Basket!  Enter here: .

Monday, November 2, 2015

Flash Giveaway! 24 hours!

Flash Giveaway!

Go Green! . . . . . Go, go, go!  
ONLY 24 hours to enter!  Winner announced tomorrow! 

Save the planet set:  One set of coasters (four cotton coasters in a cute Green Planet print) and two reversible cup sleeves, (one side the Green Planet print and the other a green stripe).  These would make great gifts!  Hostess gift, paperboy gift, extra gift saved for unexpected guest.

You have 24 hours --- Until 3 AM PST Tuesday ---  to leave a comment saying wher you heard about this giveaway for your chance to win!  You can get one extra entry if you share the giveaway!  Please come back and leave a second comment with your URL share.  Thanks!

P.S.    Many other coaster sets and coffee sleeves in my shop.  

And don't forget! 

Enter giveaway that is ongoing . . . for this Autumn Gift basket. . . . See this post.

Then, come back next Monday for another giveaway! 
Pssst!  Of course, don't miss my posts in between giveaways!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Another Giveaway . . . .

Psst . . . just a reminder, there will be a 24 hour Flash GIVEAWAY tomorrow in my blog.

Only 24 hours for a chance to win! 
See you tomorrow!