Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Thoughts

In the beginning . . . of this story . . . there was a little bird. Imagine you are the bird flying above it all.  Nothing up in the sky with you, except the air and a few wispy clouds. Not much below, plenty of space to yourself. You flit around happily, without a care----day after day . . . after day.  You've been flying for a lengthy time, all by your lonesome. You tweet but  there is no one to hear you.  

Looking down you see a beautiful garden. You look into the expanse of green and blossoms, you spy a man and woman walking along a path.  You flit down to a nearby branch, so nice to rest a while in the cool of the evening.

 lonely Oriole Hoop Art by pruitthandcrafts

You listen to the muffled tones coming from the couple, you watch and flit from tree to tree following them along the path. They sound so complete with each other, strolling, enjoying their surroundings and each other.   You tweet cheerfully, hopping along from stem to stem happy to be with them.  You may not understand their sounds nor they yours but it is enjoyable to be together.  "Yes,  I'll do this again" you say, "I enjoy this.  I'll make it an evening routine."

But alas, one day, when the little bird came to the garden, there was no one there . . .  he was alone again.  "Where are you?" he tweeted.  "I am missing you. It's not so much fun flitting from limb to limb without the comfort of you." *

* Scripture Reference: Toward evening they heard the LORD God walking about in the garden, so they hid themselves among the trees.  The LORD God called to Adam, "Where are you?"  Gen 3:8-9  NLT

**Authors Note:
I do not intend to be sacrilegious, or irreverent with my little story, just wanted to present a picture, from a point of view that we can possibly understand.  Obviously we don't fully understand God, but we do somewhat understand what is in our own world.  I wanted to paint a word picture of how God must have felt when humans hid from Him in the garden.  And my Sunday thoughts are:  Are we hiding from Him in our daily lives?  How does that make Him feel, when all He wanted in the beginning was to have relationship with us? "Where are you?"