Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Life Spark?

(Part 9 of Abby' Story)
"Life does seem like it's full of meals and crafting and . . . I . . . I need some more purpose in life, Sasha, now that hubby is gone. I know, I have the kids and grandkids, but I need a spark somewhere. Oh well, I won't dwell on it. Maybe I will return this call from the folks at Thomas House and and see what they want."

(Phone available from zanylainee on Etsy) She walked over and sat down at the antique school desk that now doubled as a phone desk and picked up the handset. Dialing the number and waiting for an answer, she glanced around the room at her treasures. Treasure of framed photographs, mostly, but interspersed with trinkets of meaning. Most of them given her by the family on different occasions. There were the Willow Tree angel figurines, one holding a puppy on her shoulder, one kneeling in prayer, and the other posing holding a bouquet of flowers behind her back. All gifts from friends and colleagues of the past. On the bookcase were the forties style little boy and girl figurine that had belonged to hubby's mom. So sentimental, they were, when she gazed at them remembering . . . . . "Oh! Yes . . . hello there! I was returning your call . . . Well, yes, I would be willing to meet with her . . . ."


Marlene said...

I am trying to weed out some of my "stuff", but with each item it brings memories and is a lot harder than I thought it would be. This post just hit home for me in that respect.

Abby / Linda said...

you are a faithful reader and commenter, I realy would enjoy meeting you someday! And, yes, sorting our "stuff" is difficult! My hubby and I tried it just before Christmas--looking for our decorations--in our storage locker! We mostly consolidated, not trimmed! Whew!

myminimocs said...

i know i've missed many of the "Life Spark?" entries...but i agree completely with Marlene & this is written in such a tangable way i think everyone could relate to it!

Abby / Linda said...

Thanks for the kind words! I added tabs at the top of the page, today, one labeled "Abby's Story" if you want to catch up!