Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Craft Room - (part 6, Abby's Story)

(Abby's Story - part 6) After all the fun at Thomas House and the errands, Abby settled into the craft room to work on her latest creation. "I almost forgot to pick up our new stock order at the nursery, today Sasha!Terry and Suz will take care of the new shrubs, until all of us can get out there to plant. I'm so glad to have family work days together. Dreams are not very good, unless you can share the progress with someone!" The craft room was at the back of the house and had huge windows that looked out at the blueberry acreage. The sun was getting low on the horizon and shined directly into the room, providing plenty of late afternoon light to work on her project. The sewing machine was there, the cutting table, a recliner and side table, beautiful quilts on the walls for decor and plenty of storage for her fabrics. Returning to a pile of cut fabric, she began sorting the colors into patterns. "These are lovely prints, they remind me of my great-grandmother's dress prints. She always wore sort of non-descript loose fitting dresses with a small print fabric, but, I guess they were comfortable" as she looked up at the framed pictures placed carefully everywhere among the neat stacks of fabric on the shelves. There was one particular large gilded frame set predominately on the side table. While still reminiscing about the old pictures of grandma and great-grandmother's family standing in front of the old home place, Abby continued to sort the fabric pieces, rearranging as needed for the design. She had already made a patchwork tablecloth for her patio table, but Suz wanted one for her home. Sasha brushed up against her feet under the table, letting her presence be known. "Oh, Sasha, it's getting late and I forgot your dinner, didn't I?"

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