Wednesday, February 16, 2011

JOP - Inconceivable

This entry is for 'Jumping Off Places' for Friday February 18th. Please visit my Friday post to see the other submissions by the other participants. (And an explanation of the exercise.) Thanks! She was sitting, all crouched down, in the corner of the room, staring at the side wall. Shock was threatening to set in as she held her phone out in front of her. Everything had seemed like it was moving ahead in an acceptable manner up until the phone rang. Granted, she was waiting for the call, had been all morning. Surgery was scheduled early and it was impossible for her to schedule her flight to Minneapolis in time, so she had kept busy preparing the house for her absence and packing all morning, even managing to stay hopeful on the phone when friends called offering encouragement. But this . . . . this was just too much! Mom came thru the surgery OK, as expected, and had a long recovery road ahead of her, but this . . . to find out that some one set the fire--on purpose! It was inconceivable.


Crystal said...

Interesting story. To be continued? You have me wondering how it will end!

Marlene said...

Your story is very intriguing also. That opening line was just meant to be a mystery or drama.

myminimocs said...

very interesting...this excercise really is wonderful...words can envoke such imagination! i choose the same line and ended up with a completely different concept...

She was sitting, all crouched down, in the corner of the room, staring at the sidewall. The sun peeked through the lace curtains and she pounced, leaping into in action. As the sunlight danced across the wall the adventure of chasing light flashes began for the small but very capable kitten. Convinced she had trapped the small beam beneath her paw she would stand on her hind legs holding her position without wavering. Then without warning a flicker of light would appear inches from where her prey was being held and a new hunt ensued.

♥ Abby can you remove my link i feel awful that it goes to my website (i love my website) but that's not how this was supposed ot work sorry i guess being the techno-dummy i am i didn't think ahead when i entered my URL - i'm enjoying this excercise is it okay if i continue and post entires here on you JOP blog post? :)

Abby / Linda said...


I am new to this html link thing and thought about removing the URL but I didn't know how. I will try again, since you asked, but it is no big deal to me. And yes, of course, I want you to continue to participate!

As to attaching your URL, if you write your entry on your blog, then you can click on the title of your post and the address (URL) will appear in the browser window at the top of the page. Then you can copy and paste this URL into the link at the bottom of my Friday post. Then you will be all set!

Again, Thanks for participating!

myminimocs said...

thanks abby if it's not bothering you don't spend you time on removing it. i just felt bad because i knew i didn't do it right LOL total techno-challenged. thanks for letting me continue with you and the other writers with this project. i'm really enjoying it!!!