Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tea and Flowers

(This is part 10 of Abby's Story.)
Today, Abby was to have a guest. She spread the new patchwork tablecloth on the kitchen table, the dining room table was just too big for two people; she rinsed the dust from the china cabinet off the tea pot and cups and left them on the drainboard to dry. She made fudge last night and now she set about making some little finger sandwiches, arranging them with strawberries and kiwi slices on a three tiered plate with some of the fudge on the top plate. She made some lemonade, putting it in the refrigerator to cool, just in case her guest was not a "tea person" and then there was the coffee too. She always had a hot pot thermos of coffee ready for anyone who stopped by. "I think I could use some flowers for the table. They are always so charming and calming. Besides, I sell them in town, and everyone else gets to enjoy the benefit from all our hard work in the garden, so my guest and I should enjoy them too!" She walked out the back door, thru the porch screen door and around the corner of the house, to the side yard, past the vegetable garden and on to the flower garden. "We've planted cosmos, daisies, zinnias, echinacea, day lilies, rudbeckia, and sweet peas to name a few." She said it to seemingly no one. The plot was edged with rose bushes dividing the flower garden from the lawn. She found Suz and Paddy pulling a few weeds between the rows. "Good morning, no studies this morning?"
"Yes, we're going over our botany lesson, while we work. What are you doing?" said Paddy.
"The new director of Thomas House is coming for tea and I need some flowers for my table. I'm excited to meet her. I told her come all the way out Beavercreek Road until she saw . . . "the most beautiful flower garden around" and that would be my house! Since it's the first thing that you see as you drive in the driveway. hmmmm . . . . I think I'll choose some cosmos for today's table."
"What does she want, grandma?"
"Owen, I really don't know. The people at Thomas House called me and made the appointment . . . ."


Marlene said...

Her flower garden sounds divine. I can almost smell them.

myminimocs said...

sounds like the makings for a wonderful afternoon tea!!!

Crystal said...

What fun! And fudge too!! :-)