Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Yesterday I took some time on the patio, the sun had returned to the Northwest. The air was still a little nippy, but I didn't care. I took my breakfast outside, or should I say brunch because it wasn't early, to soak up some vitamin D.
Pause is always good for creativity. After enjoying my fresh cooked (and warm) applesauce and a cup of Earl Grey, I went inside to get my camera. I took several photos, kind of artsy shots in the small area. I thought I would share with you my view of the world in that slice of time. Maybe it could be a boost to your creativity too!


Memories for Life said...

Great photos :) Glad you got out and enjoyed the sunshine!
Our snow has finally stopped and the sun is shining here as well :)

myminimocs said...

nice photos - and that sun make me dream of warm days to a month or two! LOL michigander here :)