Friday, February 25, 2011

Jumping Off Places - Week Three

Just 'jump right in!' (when it comes to our writing). Our first week was very interesting, the second week had a couple of glitches--Hope everything works just right today! A review of it works: 1) First Lines provided here. 2) Write a post on your blog next week using the first line of your choice. It doesn't have to be long, just a few thoughts or a paragraph. Anything. Who knows, it could become a story! 3) Take your time--One Week--then come back next Friday and link in with the URL of your post! (Not just your blog address, please.) 4) On Friday's we'll read each other's work and Enjoy! If you have written something for week two (list of first lines in last weeks post) please drop down to the link part of this post and add your name and your URL. We'll then be able to come read your creativeness! First Lines for Next Week --Week THREE: 1) On the top of the piano sat a beautiful gilded frame with a yellowing . . . . 2) All I could hear was the flapping of the sails. 3) A diaploma! I thought I would never see one in his hands. 4) The floor creaked, a light flashed, and my fellow actor was lowered down on a rope. 5) She stopped me in mid-sentence. Happy CREATIVE writing! Don't forget to come back and link in on Friday!


Marlene said...

Hi Linda, hope this is the right place to post. Looking forward to next week.

myminimocs said...

Happy Friday!!! i choose starting line #4...

It was bright this morning, the first sun shinny day of this week. Definitely a welcome sight, even though the glare off the freshly fallen snow was blinding and making the trip to the airport an eye squinting adventure. Trying to find some reprieve from this never-ending winter we had decided to get to a warmer climate for a few days. We arrived to the airport more then and hour and a half early so that we would have plenty of time to get through security and to the gate. We could almost feel the warmth waiting for us at the other end of the 2 hour flight. Laughing and chatting, our excitement grew with every step toward the gate and every minute closer to departure. As the gate came into view we could see the faces of the other hopeful escapees, immediately we knew something wasn’t right. My eyes scanned the gate cubby looking for the reason behind the obvious dismay…and there it was in huge blinking red lights FLIGHT DELAYED DUE TO WEATHER. Our hearts dropped along with our luggage next to the seats we would spend our time in for the next several hours. Massive beams of sunlight pierced through the glass wall as we sat squinting our eyes, looking out onto the white world we were trying to leave behind.

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

Abby / Linda said...

your writing just made me smile! Isn't that the way it always is! My hubby would probably have thrown up his hands and said, "Murphy's Law!"

myminimocs said...

thanks abby...i thinks it's something probably everyone has experienced at one time or another.
i enjoyed your fabric shopping adventure this DEFINITELY reflected my own experiences!!!

Crystal said...

Great job and wonderful variety of stories! Boy have I experienced flying nightmares as you describe myminimocs! Crazy flying these days, and I'm going next week so I'll keep my fingers crossed! :-)