Monday, February 7, 2011

Hazelnut Swirl

Remembering vanilla being her favorite ice cream flavor as a second grader, Amy wondered why her taste had been so unadventurous. This grand opening first day in her Gelato shop was a long way from her unadventurous life as a child. As she worked on a new batch of Pistachio Cream, out front, Robert served the hoards of new customers on this warm day. She could barely take in all that was happening. A Gelato shop! Not plain old vanilla, but a healthy, Italian traditional treat! Gelato! Different from ice-cream not only in the process of production, but also in flavour, structure, nutritional values and appearance. Different also than the flavors of her youth! Amaretto Black Cherry Cream, Cinnamon Dulce le Leche, Raspberry Lavender Swirl, and Lemon Custard Fig! Yes, she had stepped whole heartedly into her grand new adventure--Hazelnut Swirl Gelato Shop! (This is my first submission for "Jumping Off Places"-- join us, won't you?)


Marlene said...

I love it! This would be a fun story to read and the flavors sound heavenly!

Crystal said...

Yum! This story makes me want to have some ice cream, gelato, anything that is creamy and sweet! Ah, Pistachio, my favorite! :-)

myminimocs said...

very tastey tale Abby!!! YUM!