Tuesday, February 22, 2011

After Tea

(This is part 11 of Abby's Story) Ms. Griffith was an immaculately dressed forty-ish woman who was on time and very friendly. Tea was cordial--full of thank yous from Ms. Griffith, for all the vegetable donations--and a time for getting to know one another. After teatime, there was the tour Abby's home, and the farm, and some chatting with Suz and the boys in the garden. Abby and Ms. Griffith, Cathy at this point in the relationship, finally settled in the wing chairs in front of the fireplace.
Art card by artbylia

"Abigail, you have been highly recommended to me by all the staff and friends of Thomas House. I know that I am new, but I respect their opinions, and from what I see here, I must agree! I have a proposition for you. I have used a model in my previous job, it worked well and I would like to try it here. " Abby replied, "Well, I'm always for anything that will benefit the kids. What do you have in mind?" "We would like to start a new program", Cathy continued, "where you would host a child from Thomas House for a week. This would help the parents while they are finishing their studies, help the kids to be exposed to new experiences with all that goes on here at the farm. Some of these kids need a new sense of family which I believe they would see here at Blueberry Hill. We would like to start by just bringing groups of children for an afternoon tour of the farm. Then we can talk later about hosting a child and all the possible training and paperwork involved." While Abby and Cathy discussed the particulars, the afternoon was vanishing away. The sun was flooding thru the craft room windows and Sasha was brushing up against Abby's legs; she knew it was the time to be working in the sun filled room.

Art by deezart

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Marlene said...

Abby is a wonderful character in the story, I am sure there are lots of places that need that kind of help in our real world.