Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This is for 'Jumping Off Places.'

The coupon fluttered out of her hand and landed among a sea of legs. She looked desperate-- every penny important. As she scrambled down on the floor, reaching frantically for the elusive little paper, the clerk looked from his supervisor and back to the cash register avoiding the irritated looks on faces of people waiting in line. He thought to himself, "Why doesn't anyone help this young mother? Are they so calloused that they just don't see her plight? Are they so in a hurry that they are only concerned with their own situations? Are they embarrassed for her?" So many questions.

As the young woman rose, coupon in hand, baby whimpering by this time, the clerk, while finishing the sale, could be heard to say from behind his counter, "Mam, I'm so sorry that no one saw it fitting to help you. I sure hope you have a better day!"

Cranky Men art by KieferClayworks

You ever want to speak up and didn't? Or thought to help and didn't?


Erika said...

When a person cusses out their kids in the store I want to say something.

Marlene said...

Wonderful short story and great reminder besides.

Crystal said...

Great story...I see we have not broken our pattern of choosing the same first line, different directions though. This was thought provoking.

roseworksjewelry said...

That's always hard - I'm glad you had the cashier speak up!

myminimocs said...

do unto others... they truly are the words to live by!!!