Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reading the List

(Part 15 of Abby's Story--You can start at the beginning here.) Suzanne set her lemonade glass down on the little crocheted coaster, saving the beautiful finish of the old oak tabletop, while she read the list. Pros: 1) I love kids! 2) I have the finances to support a child 3) I love little Patricia Cons: 1) My stamina is not very good. 2) Health concerns/life expectancy, I'm nearly 65! 3) Limits on my freedom-I already raised ten kids! 4) Total changes to my everyday routine
Lemonade dress by CappysCloset
1) Schooling? Where? How? 2) Her family's involvement? If any? 3) Will it prevent me from helping other kids? "Mom, these are all good questions. I see that you have been seriously thinking about what to do."
"I have, Suz. Even though I have all of you, I still have time to give to someone else."
"Well, I think that you should make another list. This one should be about you're daily routine, as it is now and how it would be if you had a child living with you. Can you do that?" asked Suzanne.
"I believe I can, I have be thinking about it.''
"OK then, we'll talk again, once you have completed the list. Let me know. Now, I saw the vegetable order ready on the porch table, I'll have to be going to get to Clark's in time. By the way, I liked that gal, Ronda, that came for the interview. I would like you to meet her, and see what you think. She's coming back tomorrow around two. Can you come over to the shop at that time?"


Marlene said...

She is facing quite a large decision. Looking forward to seeing what she decides.

Sunshineshelle said...

Kids keep you young but can tire you out, what a decision, great read :)