Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shop Appointment

(Part 16 of Abby's Story)
“Nearly two o’clock,” thought Abby, “I need to stop working on this list and get over to the shop!” Leaving the tablet lying on the dining room table and she headed to the back door, down the steps, and following a well worn path across the yard behind the house till she reached a vine covered arbor gate. Through the gate was a large parking lot of gravel and a rustic building, formerly a large shed that currently served as the family farm shop. The building was a simple board and bat construction with corrugated tin roofing. Abby remembered when it had a large sliding door on the front and a dirt floor. The previous owners had used it to house their tractor and their mechanic shop. The heavy wood door slid open to allow the tractor easy access. When she and the family purchased the property, they had remodeled the building for their retail operations.
As she rounded the corner of the building to the front door, she noticed only one car in the parking lot, which was not unusual, this early in the season. While pulling the glass door open, she inspected the front window displays that Suz had been working on for the last week.
"Suz, these look sharp! You've done a nice job. Is that our applicant's car out there?"


myminimocs said...

my aunt & uncle did the same thing with one of their out buildings! when they owned their farm. good memories...thanks!!!

Marlene said...

Cool building, is that here in Oregon somewhere?

Linda E. Pruitt said...

Marlene, this building is in Vermont! I took the picture when we went there for my hubby's graduation. The shed door is also on the East Coast, I don't remember exactly where.