Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Moles and Decisions

(Abby's Story - Part 17) Ronda was a short little lady with a round face and dark hair to match her dark eyes. The smile she wore was all over her face and twinkled out her eyes. One could readily tell that she was happy and friendly! After speaking with her for a few minutes, Abby decided to excuse herself and head for the office in the back of the shop. Suz, probably already having decided that she wanted to hire her, entertained Ronda for a few minutes, enlisting her help folding some linens on a shelf.
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Abby took the time to look over the application lying on the desk. She was wondering if Ronda had been a punctual employee at her last job, or if she had skipped around from job to job. BLAM! The back door slammed, as Owen ran up to the desk! "Owen, you know you are not supposed to run in the shop! What is up with you?" "Grandma, we found a mole hole in the garden. And a few of our baby carrots are missing! I came to tell mom!" "Your mom is busy right now, and mole stories can wait. Why didn't you go get your dad? He's better equipped to help you with a little mole" instructed Abby. "But, grandma, he's way out at the shed in the back 40!" Owen protested. "Well, I'll let your mom know and you head back to the garden. As soon as you see your dad, let him know. We can't have a little mole ruining our harvest!--And don't slam the door this time!" Owen scampered out the back door again, this time closing it carefully, as Abby headed to the front of the shop. Suz and Ronda had finished rearranging the linen cupboard and were standing at the cash register. "Everything looks fine, I would agree with your decision, Suzanne, and I hope that Ronda can join us for some of the morning hours around here. Also, Owen will have some news for you when you go home, and I need your help with that decision, soon."

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