Friday, March 4, 2011

Jumping Off Places - Delays and Disappointments

Friends- I am sorry to say that there will be no post for "Jumping OFF Places" today. My hubby and I have had a huge disappointment, and I really don't feel like posting anything. We are taking a few days away. I felt an obligation to let you know why it is not here today. Can you let me off the hook today and we'll pick up where we left off next Friday? Thanks! Linda (Abby)


myminimocs said...

sorry to hear of your difficult times! my thoughts are with you and sending you my best wishes for better days ahead! ♥

Della said...

I hope everything is okay with you, and there's always another day to continue the story. Of course you are off the hook! Take care, and have a good time away.

Crystal said...

Sorry to hear of problems. I hope they get resolved and that things go smoothly for you from now on. Take care! :-)