Friday, September 2, 2011

JOP Link Party

(This is my submission from one of the first lines provided in last weeks JOP post.)
The squirrel in the tree sat extremely still with his eyes fixed on the stealthily moving cat below. The all black feline's eyes were trained on a little blue bird hopping along the pine needle covered terrain.  A petite looking bird, cute with her newly formed azure feathers, pecked among the needles here and there, not aware of any onlookers.  As she continued hunting and pecking, the cat drew closer and closer.  The little bird disappeared for a moment behind the pine tree's trunk, but soon reappeared on the other side and hopped under the blackberry fronds. Certain of his next meal, cat had inched forward, hidden from the bird's view.  From the high limb, squirrel was now twitching his tail back and forth in a jerking rhythm, but remained quiet and alert.  Sounds of the little bird scratching the ground and flitting from the low branches was all that filled the air. As the bird began to approach the open ground below the tree once more, and the cat prepared to pounce, the squirrel let out a loud piercing chatter. The air filled with the startling sound of fluttering wings in full flight as the cat's jump missed the mark.  Continuing his chatter, I wasn't sure if the squirrel was rebuking the cat for his unacceptable behaviour or the young bird's careless inexperience with life.  Either way, I turned from the window with a smile and hoped that I would again see that smart squirrel again soon one day.  -- lpruitt    

Well, that's my submission for the JOP party today!  Wonder if anyone else used that particular sentence to start their writing? Practicing our writing skills, is what this party all about!  This is your opportunity to 'Just WRITE'! Write something cute, sad, inspiring, scary, or awesome.  Challenge yourself.  START with one of the first lines provided for you every Friday--thus the name: Jumping Off Places! (A review of how our party works can be found at the top of this page under the Jumping Off Places tab.)

First Lines for Next Week --Week ELEVEN--the September 9th JOP Linky party. 
1)  Over the river and thru the field of wheat, the carriage raced for it's destination.
2)  Her face was wrinkled with a furrowed brow that looked like a full life had been lived.
3)  It was an eerie sound, a  high pitched skreech and then a chilling silence.
4)  Mom and daughter entered the room with a wary look on their faces.
5)  I recognized the picture.  

It's fun to see what everyone comes up with!  And how many of us chose the same line to start with today?  Link your submission below so we all can read it and ENJOY!


Erika said...

Love it! I want to meet that squirrel.

Anonymous said...

You had me from word one! The circle of life is necessary, so they say, however I too would have smiled.