Thursday, September 1, 2011

Planning vs. Just Starting

Writers often just start writing and see where it takes them.  Sort of like a journey to discover what is in a head and how it will come out on paper in the end.  Do you write like that?  Or do you make a plan?  Most of us were taught in school to make an outline before we start to write our story, essay or thesis.  The trouble with just starting is that you get lots of sentences on the paper, capturing your thoughts, but they may be disjointed, and scrambled.  At some point you must fit them together to present the overall picture. 

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On the other hand, some of us plan extensively before we write.  We think about it.  Test out several scenarios in our mind.  Talk about it, bouncing ideas off of a friend.  All this should be a part of the process to good writing and, I find, helps dispel writer's block.  I have been blogging for almost three years now and have experienced writer's block several times.  I believe this is due to lack of a plan.  I have learned, the hard way, to sit down at the beginning of the month and scribble out some probable blog posts for the coming days.  This planning keeps me focused and on track with consistent posting and takes the pressure off of trying to come up with something new all the time!

A plan is important. 

Plan your writing. 

Plan your blog posts in advance. 
Do some "homework" setting your plan to paper.  It can always be revised as you go, but a good plan (outline) is essential to good writing. Try it, and see if it helps you have a better writing product or blog.


Della said...

Great tips! I will try to remember this!

Kathleen said...

My quiet time with the Lord produces all kinds of ideas for paintings and writings. Sometimes I just grab a pencil and start writing down all the ideas as fast as I can. Then, later in the day, I will pause and revisit all those ideas. It's refreshing to sort through them all again and watch them take shape...

Abby / Linda said...

I'm impressed, Kathleen! I know that our Lord is soooo creative--the author of everything! How exciting to get your inspiration from Him!

Kathleen said...

It is, Abby!