Friday, September 9, 2011

Over the River--JOP Link Party!

Over the river and thru the field of wheat, the carriage raced for it's destination. That river crossing, well actually a large stream, had Ruby jostled pretty good, not to mention the water and mud spatters all over her new satin dress!  But no matter, they just had to reach the destination in time.  She yelled out the window at the driver, "How much longer? Will we make it?"  There was no answer. Probably the driver was so concentrating on the rutted dirt road that he didn't hear anything over the rattling noise of the carriage speeding along.  Ruby tried to settle back into the uncomfortable seat holding on tight to the open window frame.  She tried to ascertain where they were by the markings of the countryside.  There were thatched roof farm houses and huge haystacks everywhere dotting the fields.  In the distance she could see the rock outcroppings of the near coast.  But how far were we?  The ship just wouldn't wait, she had to get there!  

Did anyone else pick this sentence today?  Hope you had fun writing your piece today! Practicing our writing skills, is what this party all about!  This is your opportunity to 'Just WRITE'! We write from our hearts, our experiences, and our imaginations!  Join us next week (or this week if you haven't already done your blog post for today!)  Write something cute, sad, inspiring, scary, or awesome.  Challenge yourself.  START with one of the first lines provided here every Friday--thus the name: Jumping Off Places! (A review of how our party works can be found at the top of this page under the Jumping Off Places tab.)

First Lines for Next Week --Week TWELVE--the September 16th JOP Linky party. 
1)  There is was again, a faint tinkling sound.
2)  Ships sails were flapping in the wind fiercely.
3)  She sat in the corner, back to the wall, looking intently at the mouse.
4)  Manuals of all kinds lay on the floor at her feet, all around the desk. 
5)  Piece by piece, they worked.  

It's fun to see what everyone comes up with!   Link your submission below so we all can read and ENJOY!

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