Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tight Writing Skills

Writers love words. 
But too many words make writing obese and unhealthy.
Writers spend time finding the perfect words for their descriptions;  so, it can be hard to slim down words to make a better more succinct writing product which is, therefore healthier.  Good writing is a rich idea with an economy of words.  Since re-writes take time, a few healthy habits at the beginning of a project will improve writing.

Here are just a few rules that may help:
1)  Check for run on sentences.  Thoughts are difficult to follow when the sentence goes on and on. Short sentences are easier to read and keep the meaning clear.
2)  Words like there, it, those, and that are vague and indefinate subjects. They should alert you to a problem.  i.e That should be elimanated. BETTER--These combinations should be elimanated;  i.e.  It is a difficult read that has no specific subject.  BETTER--Sentences with no specific subject make difficult reading.
3)  Check for wordiness.  One  or two adjectives will get your point across. You don't need a string of words to explain.
4)  Check for "deadwood" -- a word or phrase that adds nothing.  i.e kind of, sort of, the fact that etc.

Hope this helps . . . have fun with your writing. 
(If you are interested, check out the tab at the top of the page called Small Stones.  These exercises are fun and help with writing skills.  Tomorrow's post will be a small stone.)


sara elizabeth said...
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Crystal said...

Great suggestions and information! :-)

Sheryl Hastings said...

Great information. I think my biggest prohlem is run on sentences.