Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Hair Cut

Out the door she went, sporting a new haircut, skipping and wagging her head, obviously proud of her new do!  I felt as if I had been on a battleground. The hairdresser had tried to to her best, but those gouges were hard to cover with a good cut! But now it was done!  Would it stay done?! She had taken a scissors to her own hair--this was the third time!  Why did this little girl insist on taking my scissors and clipping snippets of hair from her head?  As she walked in front of me to the car, I could still see the little short patches on the back of her head. Was this five year old destined to become a hairdresser herself or was it indicative of a passion for patchwork?  "Who knows," I said softly to myself, "I just hope this haircut lasts a week!"

This story is real.  I visited by son and his family this week.  My daughter-in-law told me about my five year old granddaughter LaRaya, who had done just what I wrote about, cut her own hair three times.  I just embellished it a bit! 


Crystal said...

I can so relate to this story. When my daughter was around the same age she went into the bathroom and cut her bangs right to the root. She looked really odd for a while and the hairdresser couldn't do a thing to make it look better. Kids, you gotta love em! :-)

Memories for Life said...

I think she just likes to be crafty :) I know I love playing with scissors :)