Tuesday, January 25, 2011

After Dinner Project

(Abby's Story - part 3)
After dinner, Abby lit a fire in the huge stone fireplace in the sitting room. She settled into her favorite fireside wing chair with her planner and some embroidery work. Obviously no room for Sasha in her lap, the cat settled herself in the matching wing back just opposite Abby. Opening her planner, Abigail thought about tomorrows activities. Besides bringing some fresh produce to the children of Thomas House, she should stop at the co-op office to see about the projected price of blueberries.
"We need a better price, this season." she said looking at Sasha. Sasha only twitched one ear and continued lying curled up in the seat warming herself before the fire.
"I also need to sign up for some extra laborers. It's getting harder and harder for Suz and the family to do the work since we added that extra acreage year before last. Those bushes are maturing and add to the work at harvest. Well, tomorrow will hold enough work of it's own, right now, I need to finish this hoop." After jotting down a couple of more items on her list, she put the planner on the end table and picked up the sewing basket. Two projects were in the basket, the redwork hoop and one that would be for Aunt Ramona in Missouri, a gift for her birthday. Cute little tea towels with a rooster calling out the morning light. "Better finish this quickly, as tomorrow morning's light will be here all too soon."


Marlene said...

Lovely redwork, and I love the story.

storybeader said...

I'll be reading to see what's to come. Cute story! {:-D