Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who am I?

(This is actually a repost from a previous entry in my other blog, but since I'm starting this new creative writing blog, I wanted to reprint it. I believe it will be self explanatory.) Who am I? On this new journey, I will start by asking the question: "Who am I?" It depends on who is asking, what that answer will be. My kids will say that I am 'MOM'. My grandchildren will say that I am 'Grammy' or even 'Grandma'. But, one thing I am sure, my grand kids, will not know who I am inside, most of the time and I want them to know. Ever had an alter ego? Once my youngest did. Everything that she wrote was not from her, but from her pseudonym 'Jane'. Well, I have a pseudonym, of sorts. It's the persona where my wishes and dreams are kept safe. She didn't have a name, but she's real, none-the-less, in my thoughts and dreams. I am a city dweller, but my other ego is a country farm girl/mama. I have no animals, but my other ego has chickens, a cat, and, on some days, a horse. I love the outdoors and nature, but am much too familiar with asphalt and concrete. I love tramping thru the woods to see what is over the next hill, but I rarely go out. I love recipes, but am all too acquainted with chicken nuggets and hamburgers. So, who is my other person and will she ever take over the circumstances of my current existence? For now, and for the sake of dreaming, let's call her Abigail (or Abby) after a character that I once admired for her courage and boldness. And let's let her "become" in the pages of this blog. In so doing, I will be true to myself and my quote from my January 2nd blog post:"I want to wander about my mind for creativeness that has been hidden. I want to journey around the despair and disappointment that stifles, and be completely surprised by inspiration that lies dormant. I want to present a beautiful blog that is an inspiration to others, that's not just common place. It will take some effort, I know, but it is an adventure worth taking." So, onward we go . . . .

Tuesday's Small Stone:

Feeling the cool freshness of the new day invigorates my body and mind to innovation.

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Marlene said...

I am so looking forward to catching up with Abigail and see what has been going on in her life.