Thursday, January 27, 2011

Morning Coffee

(Abby's Story part 4) "Rooster's crowing, it must be almost dawn. I better get up, so much to do today!" As Abby's feet hit the rag rug on the floor, Sasha only squirmed and repositioned herself on the bed. "Come on, Sasha, Let's go down and get your breakfast--busy day ahead." Downstairs Abby crossed the living room and entered the big country kitchen, going straight to the pantry for expresso beans and cat food. After preparing Sasha's breakfast and setting it on the floor for her, Abby set about to make the world's best (at least, Abby's best) latte to start her day! Reaching for the recipe card she said, "Now for my 'simulated' breakfast. Sasha, I really learned a ton, from Shirley, since she became a barista! Let's see now, proper grind, lighter to the finger touch than sugar grains, seven grams worth; cold whole milk for me, I need the protein; and of course, sugar free syrups, which I should always add first to prevent curdling. But not today, though. My breakfast is a Cinnamon Roll Latte. And I don't have any sugar-free Cinnamon Syrup!" Cinnamon Roll Latte Pour 1/2 oz Cinnamon Syrup in your cup Add 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, stir Add your expresso Fill with foamed and steamed milk Top with whipped cream Dust with powered cinnamon Enjoy! Quick facts about our Coffee culture:* 1. Gourmet coffee became a social beverage in the 90s because the ten year total of teetotaloers was up by 28%. We started drinking mochas, not martinis. 2. Seattle is the expresso capital of the world with gourmet coffee sales reaching 40% of the total coffee market share. National average is about 30%. 3. Why do we say "coffee beans" when coffee comes from berries? Because each berry has two beans. *Facts from Espresso, Quick Reference Guide by Phillip Janssen (you know, an old fashioned BOOK :)

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Marlene said...

Yummmmm that sounds so good. I do well to add fat free vanilla creamer to my coffee.