Saturday, January 15, 2011

Small Stones

I was cruising the blogs, the other day, when I found one that had a challenge to write little short passages about a polished moment of paying proper attention, called 'small stones'. Reason for the exercise was to choose something to write about every day, to help you to connect, to help you to love everything you see - the light and the dark, the happy and the sad, the beautiful and the ugly. The PROCESS of paying attention is what's important.
I originally did this first post in my other blog. I am repeating it here, along with today's new little stone:

Blades . . . emerald blades . . . arbitrarily random . . . soft, velvety and verdant . . . with the weight of the morning. Weight not hard to bear, not a millstone but life's vitality "a vapor that appeareth for a little while and then vanishes away". lp

Saturday's small stone:
Living in crowded conditions brings a need for order and restrictions--on you and them. Rather than forfeit independence, I'd druther have space. lp


Marlene said...

Congrats and good luck with this new blog. I am looking forward to spending some time with you here.

Memories for Life said...

The new blog looks great :) I enjoy reading!

storybeader said...

that's neat! and a great exercise in your writing. {:-D

Kathleen said...

Great description - arbitrarily random - wonderful dew drops, too. I like to pause and really look at the little hidden treasures, too - and quite often the Lord will drop a little nugget in my mind =)