Monday, August 3, 2015

Christmas Destash

I know July is past, just a few days ago, but all the 'Christmas in July' sales got me to thinking.

I have lots of Christmas fabrics in my stash, 
and I do not plan to use them!   So, I will list them in my supply shop 
and hope that  someone else would use them! 
Watch for the listings in the next day or two in my Pruitt Supply  Etsy shop.  
Since I have made several items from these fabrics, I also have scraps!  I will also list one lot of Christmas scraps!  

While I was going thru my stash, I found a a screen printed Santa on muslin.  (What have you found in your stash that you forgot that you had?)  I bought it at an estate sale a couple of years ago, thinking I might finish it,  I can see it finished in red thread! I love Redwork and I love Santa!    I collect Santas and display my collection at Christmas. Still deciding if I will finish it or not!

What do you think?  
Should I finish it or add it to my destash section of my shop? 


Anonymous said...

How many hours or work would it be to finish? Too many and I would lose all motivation!

Natashalh said...

I hope your de-stash sale goes well!

Noa Ambar Regev said...

Good luck with the CIJ sale! July is a fun time as any to celebrate :)

sammysgrammy said...

Will put this link on the chat thread. Perhaps some of the seamstresses may be interested in the fabric.

mary ann said...

i love the santa! if it is not too much work, you should finish it =)

mary ann