Monday, July 27, 2015

Craft Show Stock

Working lately on stock for my largest craft show of the year.  The show is not until November, but life will be busy in September and October with commitments, so I am getting as much done NOW as possible.

My focus for this show will be on sewers with lots of pin cushions, scissor keepers, Crazy quilting caddies and needle books, along with my hand embroidered hoot art and a few other offerings.

 Handy Machine pin cushions

Non-traditional 'tomato' pin cushions

Designer fabric with needle keeper

Upcycled vase in a figurine cushion

Designer fabrics 
Other pin cushions with hand embroidery will be offered, and a cute felt characters yet to be made.  Sewers should be able to find a cute pin cushion with all the style choices and the various price points!  Lots of gifts for sewers too!    Wish me great sales!!


Duni said...

That pin cushion attached to the sewing machine is a great idea! The figurines are so unique and pretty! Good luck with show prep :)

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

OMG. The machine pin cushion is brilliant! I bet you'll sell a ton of those. Good luck getting everything ready!

Jenny said...

Great ideas! Those are so pretty. Good job prepping your inventory now! I have a show in about a month and I really need to start getting some things done...

Natashalh said...

I like the fabrics you used for the pincushions! I haven't done a show in so long, and I probably won't do another for a couple years since all the ones I've tried in Hawaii were hugely aggravating.