Friday, June 26, 2015

Tlingit Home Decoration - Part Four

The Tlingit peoples lived communally through the winter months in large shelters housing about 40 people.  They are dark inside with a large fenced sunken area in the center for cooking and an open fire for warmth.  I have taken pictures of the inside decorations, hope you can see them! (Lights are for tourists, but our eyes still had to adjust.)

Notice that the house pillars are also carved.

Fence around the cooking/fire area

picture of native celebration and dress
"Thank you" for following this totem series!

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Memories for Life said...

Yak' ei series :)
It was fun to see the process. And the house and all the details are great.

LanasArtStudio said...

Wow! Time flying... it was a series! i have to go back and see it all! Love details and craftsmanship!

pasqueflower said...

Amazing workmanship. What a great series of posts!!

Paige @ Little Nostalgia said...

Yak' ei! This series was so educational and even though I've been to Alaska, too, I appreciated learning new things.