Saturday, June 20, 2015

Play Date!

And move to the sewing machine, I did!  But did I work on the afore mentioned projects? (See last post.)  Well, no!

I had a pre-planned "play date" with my friend Ritha, on Thursday and Friday and we sewed "up a storm", as the old saying goes! She chose the projects and in-between-times, I worked on UFO's (unfinished objects).  I finished up three aprons and a banner.  Ritha's grand-daughters enjoyed receiving two of the aprons!

First, we made bowl covers to use on a picnic or to take a salad to a potluck.  She had some animal print oil cloth, so that is what we used!

The next day we made hexagon pot holders/ hot pads.  And I made a pot holder of my own design out of scraps (anyone who knows me knows that I love scraps! Love seeing them used!!!!)

The hexagonal pads are LARGE!  Over 9 inches point to point!

I loved this project and after I tackle my impending 'to do' list, then I will make more of these!

Thanks, Ritha for a wonderful day!

P.S.  BTW, this is the 200th post in this blog!  Yay!


pasqueflower said...

What fun!! I should consider having a big girl play date with some of my quilting buddies!

Katrinshine said...

great pads !