Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tying up loose ends . . . and onward!

Several things occur to me today, little facts and they are a bit unrelated, but they fill my mind.  This is sort of a "what has been happening lately" post.  Ever get so much on your mind that you just have to get it off your mind (clear it out!)????

FIRST and foremost, I was so excited and preoccupied about my Alaskan cruise, (still am!)

that I totally forgot about posting who won my little give-away!  I did a tutorial before I left on vacation, of a t-shirt makeover and offered it as a giveaway shirt.

So, "without further ado", the winner is LeAnn of pasqueflower fame!  I hope she can use it, even it if doesn't fit her, maybe for a gift!  I know she is an excellent sewer herself so . . .LeAnn, don't look to closely at the stitches!  :)

SECOND, today my family gathers to send off another granddaughter on a student exchange. You might remember that Kayleigh went to Taiwan for a year.  Her sister, Taylor, age 16, is going for the summer to Brazil, and then her host's daughter will come to the USA for three months over Christmas!  Yay!

THIRD, I have soooo much work to do!  Curtains to make for a friend's sailboat, three hooded swimming robes for  a family friend,

including one extra thick robe for a granddaughter that is in early morning swim team. Also a baby quilt to finish for a great-grandson, another t-shirt quilt project for a just graduated granddaughter, and several aprons for my wholesale client!  Whew!  Not to mention the spool quilt I was working on . . . more project pictures to come!!!   Stay with me!

And LASTLY, since my URL for this blog is 'attic reflections'  I have to throw in this picture from our cruise--just for fun!  Can you see the reflections?

because of colorful flags on the Ketchikan dock
Well, that's about it!  
Now,  I'm moving to the sewing machine!


Memories for Life said...

I'm so glad you had such a great time on your cruise!
Those little swim robes are adorable :) And congrats on more wholesale aprons!

pasqueflower said...

I loved seeing your cruise photos on Facebook!! It looked like you had a wonderful time!

And THANK YOU for the giveaway prize!!!

Vacation is definitely over! Your TO DO / TO SEW lists are pretty long!

Natashalh said...

It is so fantastic that your family is into traveling and that mother granddaughter is participating in an exchange program! I've talked about how little many Americans travel outside the Mainland with several people recently. It is also a bit harder for us to get to many other countries compared to how easy it is for Europeans, but still.

I like the reflection picture and good luck with your to-do list!