Monday, August 20, 2012

Wet on Wet

Still practicing wet on wet techniques.  Another lesson from Hilary Page (see a previous post.) This turned out much better, I think.  I wish I would have taken pictures all along the way, but I didn't think of it in time. I first clear water wet the space for a particular color. I then dropped in the color and let it spread at will.  I did this for each separate color.  This left the flowers and leaves undefined. After it was dry , the finish was to define the petals and stems with a dry brush technique.  hmmm  . . . . I wonder if hubby thinks this one is unfinished, since I didn't use a wash on the background???


Memories for Life said...

I like the "messiness" of the watercolor paired with the definition of the dry brush technique!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I love it! Reminds me of Asian brush painting!

pasqueflower said...

I love this piece!! Colorful, casual, carefree. Very pretty.