Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Journey Begins . . .

Yesterday's post showed some pictures of my watercolor paint roll up--Yes, Sarah, I made the roll-up some years ago. I have always loved watercolor, I guess since I was in the sixth grade!  I remember sitting at my desk with my paper and brush, those small paints pots, and little water jars--one for clean water rinsing and one for cleaning my brush.

I always liked art.  My parents spent money for art supplies, over the years seems like, every Christmas. When I got to junior high school we had to pick an elective, and don't ya know that I always picked art. I even had a few art classes in high school.  Other than those classes, I am a self taught artist and I consider myself a sort of "grandma Moses".  Why?  Because my style is a bit more juvenile than others.  But that is OK, art is art!
Art books I found in my closet

When I pulled out my old children's book project from the closet, I found quite a few books on watercolor. I will need to brush up on some techniques before starting my next book page.  More practice pieces are needed so  I'll do a few and see you tomorrow! 
 (Kathleen, I might need some help!)


Memories for Life said...

That's great that you have the books on hand! You're going to have so much fun playing with paints again :)

Kathleen said...

*roflol* I will grab my pile of books and we will have an adventure together! Looks like you have some fun ones there!

Splendid Little Stars said...

best of success to you! It will be a fun adventure!