Monday, August 6, 2012

Thought scape???

I’m working on some particularly difficult illustration ideas today.   One is for the ‘Scary Stairs’ page. With today’s exercise, I remember, now, why I left this project for so long.  I was not confident that I could complete the required illustrations. As I remember, I had not been pleased with a couple of the prototypes and how they were turning out. I had finished most of the ideas on a story board and actually completed the art for five of them in their finished watercolor form. Where I ran into a creative snag was on the more imaginary pieces.  It’s one thing to recreate an actual scene, but another to artistically record an imagined thought or dream.    I had been stumped. 

Three ideas for the Scary Stairs page

So today’s images are of the process from my first ideas of this page and on to the finished idea for it.  The final watercolor is not done.  I will try to give you a preview later on.  For now, you’ll get the idea of the process . . . . 

Sketch, trial wash, and prototype sample

Final sketch with Frisket to preserve white spaces

This last picture was kinda fun, since the window light was shinning off the wash.  Just added it for fun! Not showing the final painting--wait for the book!

What are you up to lately?


Anonymous said...'s nice to see that you finally conquered your toughest stumbling block on this project:) I'm like that too: I need time and space to work out how to get past or around things.

Memories for Life said...

Glad to see you're doing great with your book! The lion is very cool!

pasqueflower said...

What an interesting post! All of the stairs options looked scary, but I really like the lion, too. So happy you're unstuck and progressing with the book! How exciting!

Honey from the Bee said...

Glad you stepped up and faced your fear!

Splendid Little Stars said...

The lion is the scariest! fun to see your progress!

Kathleen said...

Great progress on your book! I agree, it's way easier to paint from life than to paint from imagination!