Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Negative Painting

This particular practice painting uses several techniques, which I will not go into detail about, but I did want to tell you about one of them--negative painting.  I have already tried this in a previous exercise and you saw it in a previous post--here--the white leaf. 

Basically you leave a particular item shape white and paint the color around the object.  Here, I have left the farm house, water tank and a couple of other items white--actually white all around the sketch marks.  Then I have painted the background tree cover leaving the house and items white.   Then a little bit of shading is required for the finish. BTW--I am still not pleased with my wet on wet!

P.S. This was also a lesson from Hilary Page's book, Watercolor Right from the Start -- Lesson on One point perspective

P.S.S.  If you are following along, I'm going thru a watercolor crash course for my own review in preparation for illustrating my Grandma Books.  If you are interested in watercolor or children's literature you can begin following the process here!  From there check each newer post to the present.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm impressed. That's gorgeous!

Memories for Life said...

What a beautiful painting! I love the sun setting in the background!

Duni said...

It looks beautiful, Linda! I've always had difficulty painting with water colours - I prefer charcoal and pencils :)

Sarah Leonard said...

Love it! I have dabbled with watercolours myself, but never with too much success. I should make more time to do it.


SarahBeth said...

That's definitely an interesting technique -- really makes the house, etc stand out! I also like the way you've framed the trees behind the house with the white sun - very effective!