Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Finished Costumes!

Thought I would bring you up to date on my latest project and the latest on me personally.  Although I haven't mentioned it here, I have recently fractured several vertebrae in my back, so have been experiencing quite a lot of pain, trips to the doctor, x-rays, and not much they can do about it.  It will take quite a while to heal; I am learning to cope with the nearly constant pain.

So . . .sew . . . I struggled thru my latest project--a couple of Halloween costumes for a valued client.  I got through it!  Whew!

Thought I would share how they turned out, just received this picture from her with her comment:

"She has the attitude of Mal (malicifacents daughter) down, haha"

 . . . and the completed Baby Hercules costume for her baby boy:

 I was happy to help my client and she was happy with the results saying,
"Thanks so much for everything! It's like Christmas getting your packages in the mail :) "  

Moral of the story is like the old saying:  No pain , no gain! 

P.S. Sorry for the dark photo, not feeling like perfection today!


Natashalh said...

Oh, yikes! So sorry to hear about your vertebrae. I'm glad you at least have a happy customer to brighten your day. =)

Sarah Leonard said...

What a lovely photo and great to get such lovely feedback :)