Monday, October 23, 2017

Costume Progress

Thought you might want a look at what is coming out of my studio, currently.  I make all sorts of things; I enjoy the variety! 

I have a client in Texas that I has given me loads of unique sewing projects to do for her family, who loves all things animated!  A couple of years ago, I made Disney ornaments  and Christmas Stockings! This year I am working on a costume for her little daughter . . . Mal from the Descendants movie!  I have never seen the movie, but thru internet images, I have begun to recreate the jacket for my little client. 

I think the original jacket was made of leather, and obviously I am not making it from leather material.  It would be cost prohibitive!  But, I found some taffetta's that are a nice second for a child costume!  They provide that shiny surface that is needed. 

I was nervous about making the costume, since I could not use my client's child for an actual fitting.  But thru emails, I got her measurements and hopefully it will turn out just right! 

So far . . . here's the progress . . .with one sleeve and pinned in some places:

I'll share the finished product before I ship it!
Watch for it!

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