Saturday, August 26, 2017

Photo Summary Part 1

Much has happened over the last few months, including a move to a new home! (Stay tuned to see my new studio!  Yay!)

A quick photo summary before I get back into the creativeness:

February trip to babysit this crazy crew of grands


New project!  Inchies!  (More in a later post)


Trip to the 'Old home place' with oldest daughter

May - Trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

New cuff

Textile art!

Well, that's the first part, Part 2 -- next post!  
Click on my handiwork if you want to see a bit more!

Thanks for visitin'!


Natashalh said...

It looks like you've been busy! My husband's been to Mexico, but I never have. I look forward to pictures of your new studio!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I'm happy for you that so many good things have been happening in your life this year.
lovely inchies!