Monday, November 14, 2016

Holiday Marketplace Over for this year!

My largest craft show of the year is finally over!  I know--no blogging since the end of October!

It's really busy and hectic getting ready for a show.  I spread out everything in my living room. These's all the pricing to do, making sure everything thing is tagged.  I go through everything taking inventory and organizing, so set up will not be a hassle.  I make sure that I have all the proper signage that I might need.  Ialso make sure I will have need of nothing for set up, say, a screw driver for my grid display or the proper seasonal table cover.  I make lists so I will not forget anything!

So how was the show, you say.  Well, I've done four years at the same show, and frankly, this show was a little slower than I would have liked. It usually has more traffic.  I am not disappointed, but it could have been better.

One bright spot was the volunteer helpers, I'm sure they were children of the ladies group who hosted the show. One little gal constantly kept up with me asking if I needed anything.  She brought my lunch from the holiday cafe, brought coffee and generally perked up my day!  Then she asked me to take her picture, and she posed with my pet stockings.  Her name was Serena and she was delightful!

Thanks Serena, for all your help! 


Natashalh said...

So glad there were helpers to make your day better! It's really rough being stuck behind your table without the chance to get food or drink.

Duni said...

So glad all the effort you put into the show paid off! What a cute little helper :)