Friday, January 13, 2017

First of the Year UFO's - Unfinished Objects

It's the time of year to finish projects. I always take inventory of my UFO's at the first of the year. Last year I did this and finished quite a few of them, but then . . .I always add back to the "unfinished box" through out the year! Sigh! I thought I would share some of this year's UFO's:

Immediate project to finish is a flannel quilt for my first great grandchild--biological that is!  Can you tell that she is a girl!  This is Leighann Rose's quilt.  It's basted and partially quilted (as seen on the right side of the picture.  On the left side, you can see a small matching baby doll (or cuddle) quilt that I made from the remaining scraps.  Finishing the big quilt, hopefully, this weekend.  

This lap quilt top is finished but not basted.  I have the sandwich materials ready to go, as you can see on the left.   I call it floating squares.  The square centers are a nine patch of less than 1.5 inch squares!  I save scraps--any small piece that is 2" or slightly less goes into a baggie designated for this purpose.  I hope to quilt this one next!  

This quilt top, called '13 going on 30' (the name of one of the prominent fabrics in the quilt) is not finished due to a problem.  Ever had a problem with a quilt top?  I hope to resolve the issue and get it to the finished pile!

Then there is this one that I love:

Not the greatest picture, but my first hand appliqued project.  Pretty ambitious for me!  Not basted yet. Haven't chosen a backing fabric. And, then, let's not forget my embroidery project, when you talk about ambitiousness! 

I am attempting to embroider a foggy landscape which involves monochromatic threads and a lot of thinking on my part!  Wish me luck! 

Oh . . . interruption!  A box just arrived, let's see what is in it:

You guessed it!  Quilt fabrics and thread!  I will blog about what I have planned for this set in another post!  

What do ya think?  Got any UFO's at your house?

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