Monday, October 24, 2016

Moving on to New Baby Creativity!

The quilt show being over, now is the time to switch the gears of creativity.   I want to share some of my recent creativity in regard to babies!  I am going to be a great-grandmother again!  Can you guess the sex of the baby with this little embroidery hoop that I made:

For sale at my next bazaar!

Yep!  It's a girl, but no pink for her!  Her mother wanted bright colors for the baby blanket:

It's made of fabrics that I had left over from all the aprons that I have made for my wholesale customer in the past several years.  I added a bright backing of stripes and a monkey print.  It really turned out to be fun!

Besides this project for my granddaughter, I had a client's custom project--a layette for her baby. Here's a few pictures. The interesting thing about this project was that we ordered the cute panda fabric from France!

Minky Blanket and Nursery Pillow

Fun bibs!

Receiving blankets

Matching diaper bag!
Whew, that was a large project, not even showing all the items!  Lots of work and satisfaction for me! Now it is on to my craft show season!


Natashalh said...

So cute! I love the bright quilt and the adorable panda set. What a special gift!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I LOVE the quilt!
What a lovely group of baby items!
How creative you are!

Pamela Baker said...

Congratulatons on your wonderful news! Love the quilt. Somehow I think your little great-granddaughter will be covered in lots of wonderful quilts, clothing and gifts!