Friday, August 8, 2014

My Friday Finds

My usual post on Friday is 'Friday Finds'.  I like to feature other Etsy sellers, but this Friday, I am so excited about some finds of my own, that I am choosing to share what I have found!

Been spending time at estate sales and thrift stores, so I have lots to list in my Supply shop! Some items are listed, and some will be listed in the near future.  Keep checking back!  Just look at some of the treasures that I found:

One estate sale box had a ton of conchas in it!  All sizes and shapes!  From hearts to circles to cowboy boots!  I'll be listing them soon!

And beads!  Lots in glass tubes, and in all colors! 

Vintage beads

And then there were these vintage packs of baby rick rack!  I've been wanting to add supplies for crazy quilters, since I will be featured in a 2015 crazy quilt calendar.  Been looking for items that will appeal to that clientele and this baby rickrack may be of interest to them!

And buttons . . . I'm always looking for buttons!  Not just for crazy quilters --- I just like them! 

I also found some new holiday patterns that were previously in a quilt/sewing shop.  I will be listing them shortly, since the holidays will be upon us before you know it!  But I'll share those another day!  

Have a great weekend! 


Brenda said...

It's so fun to find things that are new to us! I'm glad you had success at the estate sales and thrift stores. I need to look for an estate sale near me and check it out.

Unknown said...

Those are great finds!

Memories for Life said...

The tubes of beads look fun! And vintage buttons are always so cool. Great additions to your shop and sewing stash!

The Everyday Owl said...

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I joined your GFC and hope you'll follow my blog too :) Thanks!!

Splendid Little Stars said...

You did find some great items!