Monday, September 26, 2016

Moving? . . . Not!

For those of you who know me, I was scheduled to move from our little apartment into a house last week, but the purchase deal fell through when the sellers backed out at the last minute--literally!  I was so disappointed!  It was a cute little house right next door to where my oldest son would be living. (He was the proposed buyer of the two houses.)

embroidered little house with scrap fabric flower beds

After more than ten years, I would have been moving into a house again!  I had purchased a few new furniture items (still in my storage) in anticipation of the closing!   I was so excited to live in the "little house"!

Anyway, in the mean-time, I became fascinated, or should I say obsessed,  with little houses in several craft venues--quilts, ornaments, pillows, watercolor, etc.  My Pinterest category "Houses" is packed with ideas!  If you are interested, here is the link:

One of my Pinterest 'saves' was a picture of a little house wall quilt that was advertising a class.  You could sign up and make the quilt in the class.  Obviously, I couldn't physically be at this class (the only option) so I did my own quilt adapting the idea from one picture!  I love hand embroidery and collages!  I save scraps of ribbon, fabrics and all sorts of buttons, so this was a perfect project for me! I finished it in early September.

Un-be-known to me at the time of making my little quilt, an opportunity was brewing.  In the end of August, I received an application to be in a quilt show in which I had participated in 2010.  The Old Aurora Colony Annual Quilt Show -- It will be their 44th year and the theme just happened to be:

"Home at Last" 
An Aurora Sampler

Boy! Was I surprised and excited!  I finished my little wall hanging quickly and entered it, of course!  
The Show is in October--the 14th thru the 23rd, if you are local.  More info is on this site (Be sure to check out their fascinating history!):

Here's a couple more pictures of my beauty: 

I will keep you updated with the progress of the show and my little house quilt!  (Also will share some of my other "little house" creations later in the week.)


BeadedTail said...

Sorry the house deal fell through. The quilt is lovely! Congrats on being in the quilt show!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Oh wow!
all of it.
Your quilt is gorgeous! I love the idea. and congratulations on being in the show.
I'm so sorry the house deal fell through.

Memories for Life said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the move falling through!
I'm glad it inspired you to create this quilt. It was meant to be for this show! Best of luck :)

Natashalh said...

Big bummer about moving, but fun quilt!

Isobel Morrell said...

So sorry the house deal fell through - moving home really is the most traumatic thing one can do in one's life, without that sort of thing happening! Meanwhile, best wishes for the Quilt in the upcoming Show! It's a lovely one and let's hope it brings good luck all round.

Judy Nolan said...

I love how you turned disappointment into an opportunity for creative expression, but I'm also sorry the house deal fell through. Your quilt is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Sorry about the house falling through but you turned the experience into a gorgeous piece of art. Hope you find a wonderful new home to put it in soon!